Our Aims And Objectives

(1.)  To carry out advocacy program for Children with the aim of improving the quality of living and education, and to address children’s critical needs through early intervention and regular interaction in community centers through the provision of basic essential needs for infants and children ranging from food, water, clothing, diapers and toiletries.

(2.)  To distribute personal care supplies, clothing, food, water and other relief for some less privilege in some communities.

(3.)  To provide initiative plans to continue impacting and improving the lives of Children living in Nigeria through direct interventions, advocacy and policy support.

(4.)  To organize International, National and Local Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and participate in fora on topics related to children’s welfare, education and health in Nigeria

(5.)  To provide economic empowerment programs for men and women and also the less privileged in the society by providing the mechanism and support needed to inspire, and solve humanity’s basic problems.

(6.) To create skills acquisition centers and rehabilitation centers for those in need.

(7.)  To establish contacts and affiliate with other groups, persons, organizations and associations with similar interests either within or outside the country.